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1. After-sale service E volume guarantees customers are able to exchange or replace the product they purchased if they received defective or the wrong products.

2. How should you proceed when first receiving the product?

All our products leave the manufacture with the packaging in perfect condition.

The first thing you need to do when you first receive your product is to confirm if the information on the package is matching. Second, inspect each package externally with great care in order to see if there are any signs of it having been hit or mishandled, such as bumps, dents, holes, boxes in poor condition, courier seals, or any sign that may lead to suspect that the goods may be damaged. It is mandatory to leave a note and signature on the courier's delivery note, either on paper or digital support (PD A), "PACKAGE VISIBLY DAMAGED" if these signs are present. Not signing a package as VISIBLY DAMAGED and then presenting images that show visible damage to it will mean the incident will automatically be rejected.

3. What happens if there is an incident (Broken during transportation, Wrong product, some products missing, Pieces missing)

At E volume customers have up to 5 working days since the receipt of the product to open an incident from their E volume account through the contact us link. Once you have accessed the contact us area, you can simply send us an email and explain in detail with the situation or just give us a phone call.

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