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Songlow IPX7 Bluetooth Speaker 40 W Waterproof Portable Speaker Boxes Bluetooth 5.0 with Reinforced Bass & Loud Stereo Sound & Wireless Multi-Pairing & 12 Hours Battery


8.8 x 8.8 x 22.5 cm


950 Grams

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 About this item

    ❶ Improved Bluetooth speaker with 40 W louder volume: two high-performance drivers and dull bass radiators in combination with a specially developed DSP* chip deliver a total of 40 watts 360° stereo sound and deeper bass for the LS01 Bluetooth speaker. The surround sound from all directions is clear and natural to meet different preferences.
    ❷ IPX7 waterproof Bluetooth speaker: Take your portable Bluetooth speaker with you wherever you go. The LS01 waterproof Bluetooth speaker can withstand even full immersion in water, which means you can enjoy fearless outdoor entertainment in any weather. Ready to enjoy the beach, pool party and camping.
    Bluetooth 5.0 technology music box: achieves an incredible range of 131 feet, so you can hold the melodies while you mix and move. The compact design of the LS01 WiFi speaker makes it an indispensable Bluetooth speaker for any good time.
    ❹ Music box with PartySync* technology: more advanced than wireless double pairing, which only supports wireless dual pairing. The exclusive PartySync technology allows you to sync more than 200 LS01 speaker boxes over a single device to pump massive stereo sound for a fantastic party atmosphere in any room of any size.
    ❺ Bluetooth Box with 12 Hour Playtime: Built-in 6000mAh battery allows up to 12 hours of playing time at 50% volume. Longer than ordinary outdoor speakers with Bluetooth. Charge in 3-4 hours with the included USB-C charging cable.

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What's in the box?

Stereo system.
Music boxes
Music Box
Indoor speaker
Mini speaker
Bluetooth speaker
Speaker system
Party box.
Music system
Speaker boxes

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PartySync mode

What is the amazing sound experience? With multiple LS01 speakers around the house, you can create stereo, left and right channels for an impressive sound stage. Allows you to connect more than 200 SONGLOW-LS01 Bluetooth speakers together to enhance the party.
Loud audio

A huge 40 watt sound supplied by two high-performance drivers and drumming bass heaters shows how powerful your wireless speaker is. An advanced DSP chip adjusts the accuracy of sound reproduction.
Bluetooth 5.0 extended range

Bluetooth 5.0 technology supports instant connection to your device and is more stable. No more cut-outs when listening. The beat will follow you everywhere. This advanced technology can maintain a stable connection from a distance of up to 40 meters!

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Who we are

As a wireless audio brand, Songlow is dedicated to both high sound quality and stylish appearance. We keep up with the latest trends to deliver cheaper products. Whatever and wherever, SONGLOW is one of the audio brands you can rely on.

Songlow LS01 Bluetooth speaker

Equipped with several outstanding functional benefits, the LS01 delivers unexpected big sound for an outdoor speaker of its size. Created for outdoor sports and adventures. Bring the party anywhere.

- 40 W loud sound

Produces the full, detailed sounds of a much larger Bluetooth wireless speaker. Intense all-round sound - Bluetooth wireless

- Bluetooth 5.0 technology

Connects easily to your Bluetooth devices. Incredible Wireless Bluetooth Range - Play up to 131 meters unhindered from your Bluetooth devices.

- Improved DSP

Remarkable tweeters and woofers reach 40W of breathtaking rich sound. So you can experience the music as the artist meant it.

- PartySync technology

Allows multiple speakers (up to 200+) to simultaneous playback of incredible left channel - right channel - stereo channel. Let the music flow from room to room with full stereo playback from each speaker.

- Built-in microphone

For a personal hands-free call, make calls from your iPhone or smartphone.

- Portable round design

Extend the sound all around and improve the sound quality of music and singing.

- Advanced versatility

Compatible with mobile phones, computers, iPad, iMac, or for games, portable sound bar and more.

- * Note:

Songlow LS01 Bluetooth significantly influences the wireless connection. To achieve optimal performance, you should use the speakers at a distance of 13 m (43 ft) indoors or 40 m (131 ft) in open spaces.

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8.8 x 8.8 x 22.5 cm


950 Grams

Brand Name


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